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There’s a large market of consumers who are looking for you, who have money to spend. They want to connect with businesses and brands who they trust, who are operating authentically and who can provide solutions that fit their ‘schema’ of how they want to live their life. They are the ‘Conscious Consumers’ and they buy everything from body soaps to salmon, from cleaning products to coffee. These people actively research and assess their choices and will seek out brands that are forging into sustainability, ‘better for me, better for my family’ health-promoting products and smarter ways to live and grow. They choose well and they tell many others about what they’ve found.

Conscious Consumers are far more stringent on what they put on their skin, inside their bodies, share with their friends, feed their family and put in their rubbish. They want to minimise their eco-footprint, improve their health and run their homes, cleaner and smarter. They see their purchases not just as an exchange of goods but as an exchange of trust – trust that the brand is doing the right thing by them, by nature and society. If you’re the brand they choose, they will pay more to be a part of your story and have you in their lives.

At BrandWorld we’ve developed a ‘curated space’, ChooseWell,  to connect brands and conscious consumers, a platform using a third-party presenter to introduce your brand, highlight its unique value and then drive a strong call to action. It’s a potent combination of tactical advertising delivered to 1 million viewers across a combination of multi-screens and digital with the endorsement of a trusted third party. And it’s working.

How are marketers using the ChooseWell tactical advertising approach?

1.   To find Conscious Consumers

These consumers are not a ‘demographic’, they have a philosophical and behavioural schema that responds to ‘found for you’ and ‘discovered for you’, curated approaches. 

2.   To launch new products lines

It’s a noisy market full of ‘news’, headlines, announcements and discoveries, all delivered in a jumble of mediums. ChooseWell helps brands cut through and be heard. Targeted, tactical and ‘on point’. Cost-effective product launches to generate sales.

3.    To reduce business risk.

They’re using tactical advertising to reduce business risk, using 4-6 week campaigns to shorten the sales cycle and reduce exposure to changes in COVID status that can change very quickly. Tactical advertising gains great ROI in a short time frame making the most of the windows available and reducing the risk of getting caught in a COVID outbreak. 

4.   To gain market share.

Tactical advertising is helping them gain market share from competitors who were slow to act or too cautious to ramp up their advertising in Q4 2020 and are now struggling to get on air as media time fills quickly. Several, short campaigns generate impact while blocking competitors from getting meaningful air-time and exposure. 

5.   To fill the funnel.

We’ve also had clients use short, tactical campaigns to drive inbound marketing and direct response into web, chat, messenger and phone lines, boosting the volume and quality of enquiries into their marketing funnels. 

6.   To reach 1 million viewers.

With large growth in TV and ‘tablet watching’ watching, marketers are capitalising on this viewer behaviour and their trust in TV as a credible source of information, to reach 1 million NZer’s at a time through multi-screens.

7.   Kicking into 2021 strong

With signs of volatility still ahead, marketers are using tactical advertising to start their year strong, ‘banking’ sales early to build early momentum to drive them through any slumps in 2021.

In the last 6 months, we’ve seen marketers gain record results in share of voice, category sales and engagement that has enabled their businesses to not only rebound but launch forward into 2021 in a stronger position. ChooseWell adds another dimension for marketers and opens the opportunity to gain loyalty from conscious consumers. 

To find out how you can use tactical advertising and ChooseWell can drive your KPIs, book in a mini strategy workshop session with our team or get in touch to be emailed a snapshot of results.