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We sat down with the BrandWorld media duo of Jodie and Josh to uncover some of the mysterious science and art behind media planning and asked… “If there are 5 things marketers should know about using media in 2021, what are they?” Read on to find out what you need to know….


It’s TV Jim but not as we know it.

We’ve seen a rapid expansion of connected TVs in NZ driven especially by the 2019 Rugby World Cup where a wide range of viewers learned about Chromecast, turning their TVs into ‘computers on the wall’. This was helped too by manufacturers making smart TVs much more user friendly and broadcasters optimising their multi-screen delivery for a seamless TV, tablet and phone, user experience. We now watch whatever, whenever, wherever we like (side note – notice the increase in two lounge houses and downsizers buying 3-bed apartments to have dual, argument-free, separate watching zones).


It’s all about me.

We want and expect, personalisation. Viewers want things easy to digest, easy to use and built into their daily activities. If it’s made personal to them in content, timing and placement, they will value it and seek more, so we look for ways to provide dynamic placement, using data and a blend of tools and experience to find the right people, in the right place and the right time. Conversely, blunt reach tactics that deliver outside the target audience or have little personal value to the viewer, can annoy the viewer and adversely damage both the brand and the delivery channel. When it comes to personalisation, smart, tight, targeted media activity not only gets results but also builds on a brand’s reputation for knowing, connecting and understanding its audience. It shows brands care enough about their viewers to be personal.


Who took my Cookie?

Google has indicated that later this year they are going to remove the use of 3rd party cookies, taking away a core data gathering capability for brands. We’re entering an interesting time of tension between personalisation and privacy. So how can brands get hold of the key data they need to make their content personal (which viewers want) when the tools which are being used, are being taken out of reach? This will create a tight value exchange and a potential change in the power relationship between brands and viewers. Access to, and use of personal data, will become an even more valuable commodity (Side note: See Jennifer Zhu Scott’s TED talk on data ownership and being able to choose whether you sell, donate or destroy your own data. Combine that with smart contracts in Blockchain technology and the future looks very dynamic)


As seen on TV.

TV is still seen as one of the most trusted media, information and entertainment channels that also comes with the capability to emotively connect with the audience. Almost 400,000 NZ household shoppers watch programmes like One News or Country Calendar…every…day. TV is in 96% of NZ homes and 90% of TV viewers watch TV live (within 24 hours) and that hasn’t changed for 10 years. TV keeps maintaining its place in the daily behaviour of viewers – sleep, eat, work, play, dinner, TV…. life for most of NZ is still pretty normal and hasn’t changed that much. Sometimes that’s hard for us to understand as marketers view of the world is skewed by their micro context of life….”I don’t watch TV, therefore no one does.” If you want to reach a lot of people, quickly, TV is your ‘go to’ for impact.


It’s a science and an art.

So what does the media team do? We take clients’ business and marketing objectives and turn them into media action that reaches the right person at the right time in the right place. We use data-based tools and both client and our own research to layer media activity so it follows the customer journey and path to purchase. We’re the function that links the client with the brand and provides the delivery mechanisms for creativity to travel through to engage the consumer. The media function is a blend of analysis, smart data and research coupled with rich experience to provide clients with reach and impact.


Think you could get more out of your media spend or want to check if you’re getting the reach you need? Get in touch and we’ll set up a ‘check in’ session to let you know.