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There’s a reason why global consumer brand leader Proctor & Gamble has shifted most of its media budget to presenter led, educational style ‘infomercials’ to prove its products are better than those of its rivals. Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, says they are incredibly effective and is urging his brand teams and agencies to leverage superiority marketing more in infomercial style ads.

Presenting information in an editorial news format has frequently proven to be several times more effective than traditional commercials or advertising.

Credibility and Authenticity

A third party endorsement can say more about a brand than a brand could ever say about itself – it adds credibility and authenticity to a brand’s message and has been shown to augment perceptions of a product’s quality and efficacy.

Third party endorsement adds a reason to believe in the same way that what is now dubbed ‘influencer marketing’ does on social.  In fact, Family Health Diary’s own Jude Dobson was an influencer before influencers even became a thing, and audiences have always placed a lot of trust in her advice!

Personal Connection & Relevance Adds Trust

People buy from people and your target audience is more likely to tune into someone they relate to. A relevant and appealing presenter builds a personal connection with your audience and accordingly, also enhances your brand.

The right person will bring personality, confidence and trust to your TVCs and videos and enhance the trustworthiness and credibility of your brand.

Third Party/Influencer Executions Most Effective on TV

While digital media continues to grow in popularity and is one of the key media channels, linear TV is still the most watched medium, with almost three quarters of New Zealanders engaging with TV every week, and co-viewing in over 50% of cases on both linear and BVOD increasing share of voice further. Furthermore, contrary to popular beliefs, the majority of advertising on Linear TV is watched live and is therefore non-skippable.

A majority of the world’s population own and watch TV regularly, and 86% of consumers in the U.S. say it was TV advertising that had the most impact on their purchase decision.

Ads on TV are also more likely to be remembered for longer and have stronger recall than those on other video platforms. TV advertising (linear or BVOD) remains in consumers’ memories for longer. Ads on TV keep working to drive a sales impact for 109 days, compared with YouTube at 8 days and Facebook at just 6 days.

TV advertising and marketing is one of the fastest income-generating strategies because it engages with consumers without taking the long route. A single powerful campaign can easily attract shoppers. A TV ad can achieve in weeks what it would take most to do in a year with just online marketing using the same budget.    

TV is still the biggest megaphone from the tallest mountain. Nothing can touch it in terms of scale, reach, and even trustworthiness and credibility, and even more so when a relevant, engaging presenter is endorsing the brand.

Having said that, complementing TV and BVOD with other targeted digital advertising does however add incremental reach and contextual relevance at different times of the day and in various circumstances, especially as many audiences are multi-tasking on more than one screen. Where a target audience is very narrow, digital may at times be more efficient. The specific target audience for each campaign clearly must be a key consideration when ascertaining the most effective and efficient media choices.

To find out more about how third party endorsement style comms can help in your marketing mix, please contact Denise Gray.